Hit a Plateau in Muscle Gains? Do This! (WARNING)

You train hard, you hit your macros every day, you rest and sleep well. 

But when you look in the mirror … you see the same physique you have been seeing for years. 

No progress whatsoever! 

The strength is there, the shape is there, but the muscles just won’t grow! 

What the hell is going on?

You hit a plateau! 

Don’t worry. Every bodybuilder and weightlifter hits a plateau, no matter what. 

I am going to give the exact recipe I followed to overcome muscle growth plateaus. 

But be warned! This is not for the faint of hearts or beginners. 

This is for those who want an uphill battle challenge. For those who love the pain. Because this is very intense.

Follow this strategy and I promise your muscles will grow, and your physique will improve.

The strategy I’m going to share with you is coined as Shock Therapy!

So what the hell does this mean? And what this strategy entails?

Much of this post is inspired, and modeled, after King Kamali! The famous bodybuilder in the 90s.

Let’s get to it.

How to Break Muscle Gain Plateau - The Shock Therapy

When you hit muscle plateau, the only way to go back to the anabolic phase of muscle gains is to burst through that plateau by intense and extreme training routine. 

Do something crazy!

You have to shock your entire body including the nervous system until your muscles are alerted to forced growth.

Follow this exact routine. 

Legs workout

Three exercises only:

1- Squat – no sets, just 45 mins.

2- Hamstrings – 1 set.

3- Calves – 1 set.

You need at least one training partner with similar strength, stamina, and motivation!

WARNING - you might throw up during this workout!

1- Squat

Get under the squat rack. Do a couple of warmups. Then get ready for the massacre! 

  • Start with a weight you can comfortably do squat with. Say you did 15 reps.
  • Your partner’s turn now. He (or she), using the same weight, will now have to squat for 16 reps or more. That’s at least one rep more than you did.
  • Your turn. Your mission now is two things: (1) increase the weight (2) do at least 17 reps or more. One rep more than your partner (at least). NO EXCUSES.
  • Your partner’s turn. Use the same weight as in the previous point, but do at least 18 reps or more. NO F***ING EXCUSES.
  • Your turn. Increase the weight, and squat at least one rep more than your partner.
  • Repeat.

Keep increasing the weight and the repetitions. Whatever you’re squatting, your partner has to match in weight but with an increase in reps by at least 1 repetition. 

Keep doing this until you reach 45 mins straight. 

No sets. No Mercy! 

See you in the toilet!

2- Hamstrings - Leg curls

One set of 100 reps. 

If you can’t do anymore, let your partner spot you.

If you can’t continue, drop the weight and keep curling until you get to 100 reps.

No matter what. 

3- Calves - Toe presses

Get under the leg press machine.

Make sure you have the safety locks in, in case you have to rack the weight. 

Start toe pressing with heavy weight and fast pace until you get to 150 reps straight. 

No pause. No rest. Just torture!

Chest workout

Two exercises:

1- Flat bench press (smith machine) – 1 set.

2- Cable flyes (accessory exercise) – 5 sets. 

Make sure you are warmed up. Do as many sets of any chest exercises until you’re ready to go.

1- Flat bench press

  • Fill the smith machine with weights you can do for 8-10 reps. 
  • Use small plates. Not big ones.
  • Get under the smith machine. 
  • Make sure you have a spotter, and preferably another one or two partners standing at each side of the smith machine.
  • Start bench pressing and make sure the bar touches your chest on your way down.
  • Press for as many reps as you can until you can’t do anymore.
  • Let the partners unload one plate from each side.
  • Continue to bench press until you can’t do anymore.
  • Let the partners unload another two plates.
  • Keep bench pressing until you reach 100 reps straight. 

No rest. 

You want your chest to grow? This is how you shock it!

1- Do not do this exercise on the incline bench as it may risk serious injury.
2- Also, do not use a free barbell or dumbbells.

2- Cable Flyes

This is an accessory exercise for isolation. 

Use light to moderate weight and do 5 sets of 15-10 reps. 

1-3 minutes rest in between.

Back workout

Two exercises:

1- Superset: quarter deadlifts + barbell rows – 10 sets.

2- Lat pulldown (accessory) – 5 sets. 

1- Compound/superset: quarter deadlifts + barbell rows

  • Prepare a barbell and stack it with heavy weights but smaller plates. 
  • Start by doing quarter deadlifts and make sure you flex your lats. Do 10 heavy lifts.
  • Immediately after you rack the weight, unload one plate from each side of the barbell and start doing rows. Do 10 heavy rows.
  • Rack the barbell and take 2-5 minutes rest.
  • Increase the weight and start doing the compound superset again. 
  • Do not do less than 8 repetitions.
  • Do 10 supersets of these until you can’t lift anymore.

You might want to use wrist straps to assist you with the lifts and rows. 

2- Lat pulldown

Do this as an accessory workout for 5 sets, 15-10 reps. 

2-3 minutes rest.

Arms workout

Two exercises – one for biceps and one for triceps.

1- Bicep curls.

2- Tricep dips (or push down).

1-Biceps curls

Use the EZ barbell. 

You need a training partner of similar strength and stamina.

  • You and your partner should be facing each other.
  • You get the close-grip on the EZ barbell. Your partner gets the outer grip. 
  • You do one rep. Then pass the barbell immediately to your partner to do one rep.
  • Your partner passes the barbell back to you to do two reps. Then you pass it immediately to your partner to do two reps.
  • Keep increasing the repetitions until each of you reach 7 reps. That’s 7 sets total for one grip.
  • Now, right after, switch the grips. You take the outer grip and your partner gets the close grip.
  •  Start by doing 7 reps, then pass the barbell over to your partner to do 7 reps.
  • Immediately after your partner is done, he (or she) will pass it over to you to do 6 reps.
  • Pass the barbell back to your partner to do 6 reps.
  • Keep going in descending repetitions until each one of you reaches 1 rep. That’s another 7 sets total for the opposite grip.

All in all, that’s 14 sets and 56 reps!!!

Your arms will scream for mercy. 

2- Tricep dips (or cable pushdown)

Use assisted dip machine. If not available, use cable pushdown instead.

Start the dips with heavy weights for as many reps as you can until you can’t do anymore.

Immediately, reduce the weight (or increase the assisting weight on the dip machine) and do as many until you can’t do anymore.

Keep doing dips until you reach 100 reps straight. Non-stop.

Shoulder workout

Three exercises:

1- Lateral raises – 1 set.

2- Rear raises (accessory) – 5 sets. 

3- Front raises (accessory) – 4 sets.

1- Side lateral raises - Drop sets.

Make sure you prepare half or all the dumbbell stack for yourself!

Start with heavy dumbbells and do 10 reps. 

Drop the weight and pick 5 pounds lighter dumbbell and do another 10 reps.

Keep dropping the dumbbell by 2.5 – 5-pounds decrement and do 10 reps. 

Continue dropping the weight and doing the side raises until you reach anywhere from 100 to 150 reps. 

Your side delt caps will explode! 

I highly recommend using straps because your grip will fail before your shoulders.

2- Rear delt raises

This is an accessory exercise. 

Use the reverse pec-deck, cable, or dumbbells.

Do 5 sets of 20 to 12 reps.

1-3 minutes rest in between the sets.

3- Front delt raises

This is also an accessory exercise, and may not be necessary because the front delt muscles were incorporated in the bench press saga.

Use dumbbells or cable and do 4 sets of 15 to 10 reps with 1-3 minute rest in between

Nutritional Tips to Break A Plateau in Muscle gains

A few nutritional tips:

1- For this routine to work effectively, you have to be on a caloric surplus by 25 – 30% of your daily maintenance calories. 

Use this calculator to find out your daily maintenance caloric needs.

2- Make sure you don’t train on an empty stomach. Always consume enough carbohydrates and protein around your training (before and after). 

Use this calculator to find out your daily macro nutrition needs. 

Supplements and Recovery to Break A Plateau in Muscle gains

  • Due to the insane intensity, it is recommended that you do this routine once per month for each body part for a maximum of 4 months.
  • Do one body part once per week to allow for adequate recovery.
  • Make sure you take two days off per week.

As for supplementation, make sure you take the following before workout:

  • Multivitamins.
  • Stimulant pre-workout or pump supplement (L-Arginine or Nitric Oxide). 

During workout:

  • Cluster dextrin. 

After workout:

  • Essential amino acids.
  • Protein shake.