11 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Lift Weights

You are determined to look gorgeous and bikini-ready—with a figure that would turn heads on my upcoming beach vacation.

So, you hit the gym—spending hours every week on intense cardio sessions. The scales indicated you were dropping some weight—but there is an issue…

Although a dress-size down—you still lacked tone. 

Then, you have to find a different approach to your training to reach your goal.

Here’s the secret—hitting the plates.

In this article, I’ll dispel many myths circulating around weight lifting for women, and show you evidence-based reasons why every woman should lift weights.

Why Do Few Women Lift Weights?

There are two main reasons—history and misconceptions.

Let me start with history (don’t worry—it’s interesting).

Although the concept of “fitness” has existed for centuries (think Ancient Greece)—the current trend has its origins in the 1970s.

It was at this time that health and well-being stopped purely being the reserve of your doctor. Entrepreneurial individuals saw that it could be marketed—and turned into profit.

Even at this early stage—gender differences became clearly defined. Men were encouraged to obtain the Greek-god like physiques of Schwarzenegger and Ferrigno by lifting weights. Advertisements advised women they needed aerobic exercise to gain a Jane Fonda-esque figure.

And, unfortunately, many of these sexual stereotypes still exist today.

The truth is, this gender-split is, more than anything based on misconceptions—something I want to clear up next.

women workout - myths

The Six Myths About Female Weight Lifting

Will lifting weights make a woman bulky?
I get asked this question a lot from women who just started on a weight training program.

From growing testicles, losing your breasts, through to turning into a she-hulk—most of the myths about female weight lifting are ridiculous.

Here’s the truth behind these fairy tales:


Lifting Weights Transforms Women into Bulky Beasts

Theoretically, it can.

But, it’s incredibly hard work and requires a conscious effort. It doesn’t happen by chance.

To make these gains, you need to:

  • Eat a specific bulking and mass building diet.
  • Lift extremely heavy weights with few repetitions.
  • Load your body with exogenous protein supplements.
  • Take illegal anabolic androgenic steroids.

If that’s the direction in which you want to proceed—then, by all means, go for it. However, following a standard drug-free female weight training program builds toned and tight muscle—not shirt-busting pumps.

Furthermore, it’s hard for women to pile on massive mass. Having significantly less testosterone than men—the primary muscle building hormone—our gains are made slower than our male counterparts.


Lifting Weights Turns Women into Guys

If you watch any YouTube video interview with an extreme professional female bodybuilder—you’ll notice they’ve lost breast size and have remarkably deep voices.

I’ll tell you why.

They’re using steroids. Fact.

These illegal drugs are all derived from the male hormone testosterone. Injecting this synthetic into the body enables these women to make incredible muscle gains in a super-short space of time.

As testosterone is an androgen (male hormone)—it induces the masculine characteristics of a deep voice, hairiness, and loss of the breasts.

So, unless you obtain some illegal drugs and plunge a hypodermic into your muscles—you’re not going to become a “he.”


Cardio Reduces Fat—Not Lifting Weights

Aerobic exercise is an effective method for pound-shedding—but so is weight lifting.

Research indicates that for optimum fat-busting results, you should mix resistance training with some cardio exercise.


Lifting Weights Can Reduce Fat in Specific Areas

I’ve heard down the gym that one of the reasons why every woman should lift weights is because you can target fat loss.

I know some girls who do four aerobic classes a week—but throw in some barbell squats in order to lose their orange peel thigh fat.

They’re going to be disappointed.

While the squats will improve quad and glute tone—they’re as likely to lose arm fat as that on their thighs. Scientific evidence shows that fat loss isn’t specific to the area in which you exercise.


Lifting Weights Is for Young Women Only

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

While the younger gym sorority will receive immense health benefits—these are vastly increased in those of a more mature age.

Later in this Why Every Woman Should Lift Weights article I’ll detail the numerous advantages for the older girls.


Extremely Heavy Weight Lifting for Females Is Essential

I know what it’s like when you enter a gym for the first time. You witness guys and girls bench pressing a barbell loaded with immense weights on either end. Leading you to feel intimidated.

Don’t be.

If you want to gain large mass—then work up to these mighty loads. However, it isn’t essential—and no one in the gym will look down on you if you stick to the lighter weights.

Instead of lifting heavy—include more reps in your workout, as a starter, then move up the weights when you get stronger.

Research shows that LRHR (low resistance high repetition) workouts yield similar improvements in tone and strength to those with heavier loads (but by completing fewer reps).

women workout - reasons

Why Every Woman Should Lift Weights

Now that we’re clear on the misconceptions—let’s get down to the reasons why every woman should lift weights.


Leads to Fat Loss

Girls often ask me—will lifting heavy make me lean?

Weightlifting is an effective way to drop the fat—but, this doesn’t always mean instantaneous weight loss.

Some women often become quickly disillusioned when starting a weight training program—as the scales aren’t dropping as fast as they’d like.

My advice is this—stick with it.

Resistance training burns fat but also builds toned muscles. Your weight may remain static for a few weeks—but your physique becomes tighter and less flabby.

Research shows that weight training isn’t just an effective fat burner during training sessions. After heavy lifting, your EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) is raised for 48 hours.

This boosts the metabolism and consumes yet more fat—even while you’re at rest.

Building muscle is akin to putting a larger engine in your car. Not only are you more powerful—but you also need more fuel.

Fat doesn’t require much energy to sit stubbornly around your tummy. However, your increased muscle mass requires calories to work—even when just walking around your home. Meaning, continually, these muscles are reducing your fat stores.


Improves Tone, Curves, and Physique

Intense cardio training is often considered the ultimate tool for shedding the pounds—the reason why so many become the pejorative “gym-bunnies.”

The problem is, some women can misinterpret their apparent weight loss.

Extended aerobic workout sessions can lead to a caloric deficit. That is, where energy expenditure exceeds intake. In this circumstance, fat is burned for fuel—dropping the needle on your scales.

However, the body will always store a certain amount of fat for survival—meaning that the body needs to look elsewhere for energy. It finds it in your muscle and protein reserves.

Hence, you’re losing weight but also losing muscle tone.

This leads to a physique known as “skinny-fat.” Admittedly, you’re able to slip into your size zero jeans. But, get into a bikini, and you’re sagging in all the wrong areas.

Weight training promotes a tight, toned, and sculpted physique—precisely what you require for hitting the beach.

Also, as we age, we begin to lose muscle mass (sarcopenia)—another reason why older women appear less tight and defined. Lifting weights can reverse this process.

One final muscle-boosting benefit:

Lifting the heavy iron makes your physique look more attractive—by accentuating your curves. The ultimate reason why every woman should lift weights.

If you’re chasing beautiful glutes and strong legs, that’s obtained through barbell squats and hip-raises. Furthermore, exercising the pectoral muscles lifts your breasts—making them appear larger and more pert.


Enhances Sleep Quality and Reduces Stress

As modern-day 21st-century women—we’re often under pressure. 

The unfair demands that friends, work, social media, and society place upon us can sometimes be overwhelming.

This can lead to stress, which, in turn, promotes fat gain. Likewise, stress inhibits deep sleep—also known to pile on the pounds.

Studies show that heavy weight lifting for females improves sleep and lowers anxiety. Allowing us to enjoy life more and restrict weight gain.


Improves Heart Health

Even if you’re not so concerned about your outward physical appearance—your cardiovascular well-being is a reason why every woman should lift weights.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death of women in the USA—one in every three of us will die from this condition.

Experts have discovered that weight training reduces the major causes of heart disease and lowers blood pressure.


Strengthens Bones

When girls question how weight training changes a woman’s body—I don’t just concentrate on external factors. What’s occurring inside is equally as important.

As women age, the estrogen levels drop—leading to a reduction in bone strength. This can signal the development of osteoporosis—more prevalent in female than the male counterparts. 

Studies explain that lifting weights increases bone density and reduces the onset of post-menopausal osteoporosis.


Builds Self Confidence

Another reason why every woman should lift weights is body image.

Experts in 2017 concluded that women who began to resistance train experienced lower levels of social anxiety, elevated self-appearance evaluations, and increased self-satisfaction.

Hence, if you want to stroll confidently around the pool edge—start lifting weights.


Boosts Athletic Performance and Strength

Professional footballers, track and field athletes, and tennis players all have something in common. All of them lift weights.

This is because elevating muscle strength improves athletic performance.

Even if you only compete in sports intermittently—science shows that your strength and power will be improved. It can also have a positive impact on your “functional fitness”—that is, your ability to complete daily tasks.

Gardening, carrying groceries from the store, and even lifting-up the kids all become easier.

Furthermore, additional studies illustrate that resistance training reduces the likelihood of injury during competitive sports.


Lowers Diabetes Risk

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services—one in every nine US women has diabetes.

Resistance training improves insulin sensitivity and can prevent the onset of this disease—hence why every woman should lift weights.

Additionally, research shows that lifting weights alleviates symptoms in those already suffering from this ailment.


Increases Flexibility

Yoga and Pilates—two exercise regimes that you would assume to promote the zenith of flexibility benefits.

However, research from 2011 illustrated that this wasn’t necessarily the case.

The study explained that not only was resistance training as effective as static stretching in increasing suppleness—but also in many areas, it encouraged greater benefits.


Changes Your Attitude to Food

For many women—food is seen to be the enemy.

Too often it’s given a bad rep—being blamed for piling on the unwanted pounds and cosigning your skinny clothes to the back of the closet.

Resistance training can change all that.

The high energy demands that lifting weights places on the body means your food becomes a friend. It’s the vital fuel to not only power you through intense workouts—but is also essential for muscle growth

If you undertake a serious resistance training regime—it means keeping track of your macros. And, unlike many fitness programs—you’ll see your food consumption increase—without stacking on unwanted fat.


Is Seriously Addictive

Virtually all exercise programs, including weight lifting, boost endorphins. These are the hormones that induce a feeling of happiness and well-being post-training—and the satisfying feeling of a mind-blowing orgasm.

These natural highs can keep you coming back for more and more.

But, resistance training has an additional lure.

Just like those unlocked “achievements” that smartphone games deliver in order to keep you hooked—lifting weights does the same.

Week on week, your strength improves. When you’re able to add an extra plate onto the barbell—you gain an immense feeling of self-satisfaction—which is your reward. It proves that your ability has escalated—and makes you want more.

Meaning that you’re actively looking forward to your resistance training sessions—not dreading that body-breaking Insanity workout.


For the ultimate jaw-dropping physique—you need to lift weights. Period. 

And I don’t mean light weight. I mean serious weight that puts your muscle into resistance.

It promotes tone, increases definition, and enhances your natural feminine curves.

What’s more, it’s excellent for your heart.

This doesn’t mean that aerobic programs—if you enjoy them—need to be dropped entirely. But, try to do no more than two sessions of cardio per week—and concentrate the rest of your time on the weights.

Within a few short weeks, your confidence, figure, and overall health will improve—leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.