About Us

Welcome to The Fit Wizard, where you can find the information you need to help you with your fitness goals through training and nutrition programs and supplement recommendations.

Who We Are

The Fit Wizard is a muscle and fitness platform dedicated to helping athletes, from beginners to advanced, reach their fitness goals. Our library contains hundreds of informational pieces about training programs, nutritional plans, dietary supplements, and fitness equipment reviews vetted thoughtfully. Some content has a persona attribution to protect real identity.  

Every piece of content on this platform has been well-planned and edited to ensure the highest quality standards to the best of our knowledge. We also welcome contributions from professional writers to help put together pieces of valuable content. Once the content is delivered, it goes through the editorial team and gets published upon approval. 

Our Review Process

As much as possible we try to get our hands on the items reviewed on this platform to get a real-life experience but it is not always possible, particularly for bulky fitness equipment and home gyms. In that case, we rely on extensive feedback from real customers.

After all, we want this site to be a place you can trust that is not rigged by brand sponsorship so you can use the information here to make the best decisions for yourself when it comes to planning for your fitness goals.