Best Beta Alanine Supplements to Fight Fatigue

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Top Pick

Despite wishing to push ourselves harder in the gym or on the sports field—sometimes our body doesn’t want to play ball.

However, the best beta alanine supplements can prevent our muscles suffering from fatigue and tiring prematurely.

This article details the five most effective beta-alanine supplements on the market—and how they function.

The Best Beta-Alanine Supplements

Here are my picks of the top five best beta alanine supplements currently available:

1. Bulk Supplements Beta Alanine Powder

Made by one of the most respected names in bodybuilding nutrition, this supplement packs in a massive 1000 servings of 500 mg of beta-alanine (hence a 500-gram container).

Third-party tested for dose and purity—it would probably appeal to those people who demand reassurance that the product they’re consuming is 100 percent safe.

Furthermore, if you require the “cleanest” product—this may be for you. It’s guaranteed to be free from soy, gluten, yeast, additives, and dairy.

The supplement is supplied in a zip-sealed foil pouch—which could be popular with those who only use the powder intermittently yet demand it remains fresh.

  • Respected manufacturer.
  • Free from most allergens.
  • Independently tested for quality.
  • Mixes easily into beverages and shakes.
  • Sealed for freshness.
  • Some users may prefer a tub to a bag.

2. NOW Sports Beta Alanine Powder

If you’re someone who takes part in serious athletic or sporting competition—this could prove to be the ideal beta-alanine supplement.

This product has achieved “Informed Sport” recognition—meaning that its ingredients have been scrutinized for banned performance-enhancing substances. Hence, if you undergo frequent dope tests—you can use this supplement with peace of mind.

Each container includes 250 two-gram servings (total 500 grams). Furthermore, this isn’t your “typical” beta-alanine. Instead, it’s 100 percent Carnosyn, a patented version which claims it delivers a more sustained release and greater efficacy than standard beta-alanine.

This supplement is guaranteed to be GMO-free and is also vegan-friendly.

  • Supplied by a family-owned company based in the USA.
  • Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those on a kosher diet.
  • Tested for steroids and other illegal performance enhancers.
  • Sometimes leaves a little residue at the bottom of your glass or shaker.

3. Optimum Nutrition Beta Alanine Powder

If you’re not a fan of the nutritional powders which lack any taste at all—this product may appeal. It’s available as a flavored product with Optimum Nutrition’s well known Fruit Fusion tang—meaning that it’s not only beneficial to sporting performance but is also enjoyable to consume.

In addition to the 75 servings of 1.6 grams of beta-alanine—this product also contains histidine. This amino acid is known to improve brain function which can heighten focus and drive and can reduce inflammation—boosting recovery.

For further health benefits, it includes the important electrolytes of magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Sugar-free, this beta-alanine supplement could appeal to those watching their weight or undergoing a cutting cycle.

  • Available in both flavored and unflavored versions.
  • Includes additional minerals and histidine.
  • Only 45 percent of the 263-gram tub is beta-alanine.

4. Primaforce Beta Alanine

A 200-gram container which delivers 100 servings of unadulterated beta-alanine measuring 2 grams per dose. The company behind this supplement takes pride in the fact that its active ingredient is pharmaceutical grade and has undergone clinical testing for purity.

Coming from a US-based company, for those people who consider provenance a priority—this product may tick all the correct boxes.

It may not be ideal if you suffer from food intolerances—as there are no guarantees that it doesn’t contain traces of eggs, shellfish, or nuts.

Specifically designed for weightlifters—it aims to delay muscle fatigue and promote mass gains.

  • Pharmaceutical grade beta-alanine.
  • Manufacturers are from the USA.
  • Designed for anaerobic exercise.
  • May include allergens.

5. Purisure Beta Alanine Powder

Third-party tested for purity, this 250-gram product contains nothing else apart from 100 percent beta-alanine.

As it’s supplied in a resealable bag—I’d suggest that this supplement will remain fresh whether you’re a frequent or casual user. Furthermore, it clearly details the expiration date so you know exactly how long you have to use the product.

Each supplement has its own batch number—assuring you that every product can be traced directly back to its source. The manufacturer’s recommended dose of 0.75 grams will provide 334 servings—although that may be too low for the serious athlete.

  • 100 percent money back guarantee.
  • Full traceability of the supplement.
  • No additional ingredients.
  • Hardcore users may need to reorder frequently.

Informational guide to Beta-Alanine Supplements

What Are Beta-Alanine Supplements?

Beta-alanine (sometimes referred to as β-alanine) is an amino acid. In humans, it’s primarily produced by the liver but can also be ingested through such foods as meat and poultry.

The best beta alanine supplements are nutritional products which, usually in powder form, provide a source of this important compound more efficiently than staples can deliver.

Here’s an entertaining video explaining how beta-alanine functions.

What Are the Benefits of Beta-Alanine?

The best beta alanine supplements are most frequently used as training and sports enhancers.

Here’s how these products can elevate performance:

Reduce Fatigue

During intense exercise, hydrogen ions increase leading to the build-up of lactic acid and eventually causing acidosis of the muscles.

In this state, the muscles experience fatigue. This means that even though you may have the determination to keep working the body hard—the muscles simply will not perform to the best of their ability, or cease to respond at all (known as “training to failure”).

The best beta alanine supplements stimulate carnosine production which in turn reduces muscle acidity and alleviates fatigue.

This means that your workouts are extended—leading to greater caloric expenditure (useful for losing weight) and working the muscles harder for greater size.

Studies on high-intensity cyclists indicated that supplementing with 1.5 grams of beta-alanine dramatically raised their TTE (time to exhaustion)—allowing them to push longer and harder.

Build Muscle

The same study on cyclists also indicated that using one of the best beta alanine supplements may also increase lean muscle mass.

Improve Recovery Time

Research has indicated that beta-alanine can reduce oxidative stress and lower inflammation.

This can have the effect of diminishing post-training pain and rebuilding muscle faster. Thus, meaning no missed training days or sports matches.

Boost Health

Beta-alanine functions as an antioxidant—reducing the threat of free radicals which can cause diseases including cancer.

Furthermore, it enhances the production of nitric oxidea gas which has numerous cardiovascular-boosting properties, including the lowering of blood pressure.

Best Time to Take Beta Alanine

For sporting enhancement, beta-alanine is usually delivered in doses between 0.5 to 3 grams per day. The general consensus is that the body needs to accumulate stores of this compound—hence it’s not necessary to take immediately before exercise or sport.

Instead, even on non-training days, beta-alanine supplementation should continue.

Although beta-alanine shouldn’t cause any serious health issues—it’s not usually recommended for people under 18 years of age (unless under the direction of a medical practitioner).

There’s one novel side effect that even the best beta alanine supplements can induce. Known in sporting circles as “the itch”—beta-alanine can cause tingling in the body, much the same as pins and needles (paresthesia).

While a strange sensation—it’s completely harmless and subsides within a couple of hours.

What to Look for in the Best Beta Alanine Supplements

To ensure you find the ideal product for your needs, here are some factors to bear in mind:

Purity, Allergies, and Intolerances

Some of the best beta alanine supplements are tested by third parties for their purity—giving you the assurance you’re ingesting 100 percent beta-alanine.

Furthermore, some products are guaranteed to be free from many of the most common allergens including soy, gluten, and lactose.

Servings vs Dose

The majority of the best beta alanine supplements contain nothing but beta-alanine itself. However, the recommended serving size varies from product to product.

As previously mentioned—the effective dose is between 0.5 grams to 3 grams per day. Theoretically, the higher the daily intake the more effective the product is at boosting stamina.

Hence, when seeking out the best beta alanine supplements you need to know how many servings the product contains and at what dose. A supplement may boast 100 servings, but if they’re at lower quantities than you require, the product will not last as long.

Additional Ingredients

A minority of the best beta alanine supplements contain other compounds. Ensure that if you purchase a product with additional ingredients—they’re required for your training needs and have scientific backing for the results they promise.


Make no mistake—all of the above five best beta alanine supplements will boost stamina and endurance.

With no fillers, proprietary blends, or unproven ingredients—these products can help to boost both performance and returns.

However, I feel that at the top of the list has to be the product from Bulk Supplements. It’s been tested for purity, free from the most common allergens, will remain fresh in its foil pouch, and includes nothing but 100 percent potent beta-alanine.

While the Now Sports supplement may appeal most to drug-tested athletes and Optimum Nutrition to those who want a little flavor—for all-around appeal and efficacy Bulk Supplements beta-alanine is my #1.