The Best Waist Trainer for Weight Loss

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Top Pick

Corsets have been used by women for centuries to mold and support the body. The fashionable “hour-glass” figure of the 1950s is once again in vogue. Today’s waist trainers are a modern version of these, designed for comfort as well as purpose, for men and women.

Waist trainers have heat-inducing, sauna effect technology. They can be an easy tool to enhance body shape and achieve great results. However, let me be clear here. Without proper diet and exercise nothing will ever could help you out.

Top 5 Best Waist Trainers

Naturally, you will be wondering which brands to go for. To save you searching through endless reviews, here are a few we have selected for you.

1. The Lady Slim Latex Waist Cincher

The Lady Slim fits under the bust and glides down to the hips, pulling in all those areas you want to work on. You can wear it when working out or going out. Tighten it for waist loss or loosen it for a more easy fit if you wish to wear it under clothing just to smooth any bumps. It comes in a variety of colors, including leopard print.

The quality seems good too. It is made from latex, rather than rubber. However, the initial smell is strong, but it does subside (let it air before wearing). The company that makes this product has been in business for more than 20 years and offers an after-sales service if you have any queries.

  • Sauna effect.
  • Inch-loss.
  • Lined with cotton to absorb sweat.
  • Made from quality latex for lasting wear.
  • Flexible plastic boning.
  • Supports and pulls in the entire torso.
  • Adjustable, with three sets of hooks.
  • Wear for working out or going out.
  • The manufacturer’s size guide only specifies the waistline measurement.
  • Maybe a bit short if you are over 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  • Made from latex, so unsuitable if you have a latex allergy.

2. Yianna Underbust Trainer Corset

If you have a longer waist, then I would suggest Yianna for you. Boned with spiral steel, it has a comfortable lining, latex mid-layer and plenty of stretch with man-made fibers. The fabric is breathable too.

It seems to offer very firm support for that Hourglass effect. Though it says there are nine spiral steel bones, one customer reported 25! The underbust is designed so you can breathe. It’s one thing to pull you in, but you still need to breathe in and out comfortably. The ‘bones’ are flexible enough to wear during exercise, even yoga.

Care should be taken when choosing your size and fit. Some purchasers reported that they had to buy a larger size to get a comfortable fit.

  • Sauna effect.
  • Inch-loss.
  • Lined with cotton and spandex to absorb sweat.
  • Latex middle layer.
  • Nylon, lycra, and spandex outer layer.
  • Spiral steel boning.
  • Adjustable with three sets of hooks.
  • Wide range of bold colors.
  • May suit a longer torso.
  • Made from latex (only a problem if you have a latex allergy).
  • Check the sizing carefully. You may need one size larger.

3. Sweet Sweat Premium Trimmer

This waist trainer belt is designed to target your middle. Suitable for wearing anywhere. Ideal for gym training or the running track. In black, with a lemon or pink trim, this product is latex-free.

It’s made from neoprene, a highly absorbent and sweat-inducing fabric. However, Neoprene shouldn’t be worn for more than two hours at a time. It’s quite rubbery and not good for eczema sufferers (check the instructions).

Fit for purpose, it looks good and comes with its own carry bag. It’s easily washable by hand or on a gentle machine wash cycle.

  • Sauna effect.
  • Inch-loss from your waist.
  • Latex-free.
  • Extra absorbent lining.
  • Easy fasten, strong velcro.
  • Unisex.
  • Generous sizes.
  • Includes breathable carry bag and free workout enhancer gel.
  • Not suitable for wearing under normal clothing.
  • Shouldn’t be worn for more than two hours at a time.
  • Without boning
  • Waist only.

4. Active Gear Waist Trimmer

This comfortable, heat-generating, deep waist trimmer is generous in size. It doesn’t have bones, which is a good thing if you’re just beginning to work on your shape, before going for something firmer.

At the same time, if you suffer from back fatigue, it will help support the lower back muscles and abdomen.

The Active Gear waist trainer is designed to make you sweat over the belly area, for weight loss and keep your back supported. It has no latex or rubber, It is made from lightweight, breathable neoprene and fastens in front, with velcro.

  • Sauna effect.
  • Inch-loss from your waist.
  • Moisture repellent fabric.
  • Lower back and abdominal support.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Unisex.
  • No liner for sweat absorption.
  • Does not have bones technology.
  • Only medium or large sizes available; may not suit if you are already quite petite or extra large.

A Buying guide to Waist Trainers

Four Things Look for When Choosing a Waist Trainer

Here are a few features to consider while you’re searching for your best waist trainer.

1. Fabric

Waist trainers are produced in combinations of latex, or synthetic materials such as nylon, spandex, lycra, and neoprene. Most, but not all, waist trainers are lined for comfort and sweat absorption.

Latex is particularly good for grip and stretch, A quality, lined, latex waist trainer should last well. If you are sensitive to latex, there are plenty of latex-free styles.

2. Support

Known as boning, many waist trainers have flexible steel or man-made rods hidden within the fabric, to help support and shape the wearer. They should not restrict movement, though. It’s important to choose the right size, in case your waist is shorter or longer. I have included boned and un-boned products in the review selection.

3. Fasteners

The best waist trainers have either hook-and-eye or velcro fasteners. All are self-adjustable in the front. You won’t have to get the maid to tighten your stays while you hang on to the bedpost!

4. Torso or Midriff?

When choosing your first waist trainer, focus on what you want to work on. If it’s losing inches from your waist, then a simple waist-band style can be sufficient. If you want more, choose one that reachers from under the bust to the abdomen. We are all unique in shape and body type. Ease of movement is essential, especially in the gym.

The five Benefits of Wearing a Waist Trainer

Waist trainers may help speed up your weight loss, by losing more body water, especially during workouts. Similar to a sauna suit, a waist trainer will help you sweat off unwanted fluid retention, as well as working off fat deposits.

Wearing one will mean less temptation when it comes to eating heavy meals; the compression will restrict your stomach capacity. It also helps supporting the posture as well.

If you’re a woman who has recently given birth, a waist trainer will support your abdominal muscles as you restore your shape. Whether it’s fitness training, weight loss, or both, you will doubtless be wondering which type is best for you.

In summary, a waist trainer will:

  • Increase body temperature, causing a sauna effect and inch-loss.
  • Sculpt your body and could build confidence.
  • Support your abdominal muscles and straighten your back if you have a tendency to slouch.
  • Encourage you to eat smaller meals by compressing your stomach.
  • Help hide postpartum belly while you restore your shape.


Waist trainers are definitely taking a lead on the fitness scene. Wearing one may play a part in your weight reduction and body defining. They double up for general posture support and body confidence.

Many ladies love them as undergarments and they do come in some great colors and styles. A well-fitting waist trainer will give you smooth, shapely lines under your clothing. They’re also becoming more popular for men who want a defined waist.

Our favorites, from those we reviewed, are the Lady Slim for quality lasting wear and shape, and the unisex Sweet Sweat premium trimmer, with its free carry bag and gel.

There are precautions, for these products, though, such as wearing them too tight and for too long. But, like anything else, if you buy the best waist trainer for your needs, follow the guidelines and listen to your body, you will be fine.