The Best Chairs For Posture Improvement and Core Strength

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Top Pick

Just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean that you have to be inactive. Using the best balance ball chair can give you a workout whether you’re watching TV or working at the office.

This article brings you the top five on the market and explains how they work.

The Five Best Balance Ball Chairs

Below are our picks of the best balance ball chairs available.

1. Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

Personally, I consider this to be the best balance ball chair currently on the market.

Here’s why.

This is an extremely versatile chair that I feel would be equally suitable for the office or home. In a work environment, the inclusion of rolling casters makes it similar to the standard wheeled office chair—it can even be purchased in the traditional black.

For the home, if desired, the casters can be removed with the seat being allowed to sit on its four feet. Plus, with a choice of nine different color finishes—matching with your current home decor shouldn’t be tough.

The ball is removable—which might appeal to those people currently undergoing a training program.

  • Footprint 22 inches by 22 inches.
  • Weight 15 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Suitable for home or office use.
  • Removable ball.
  • Includes casters.
  • Wide choice of color options.
  • Has a back support.
  • For taller people, leg extenders can be purchased separately.
  • Includes an air pump.
  • Requires a little home assembly before use.

2. Gaiam Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair

In my opinion, this could be the best balance ball chair for a slightly larger person. This is because the legs on this seat are adjustable to allow for it to be raised or lowered depending on individual requirements.

What’s more, the exercise ball itself is large (55 cm), meaning it may suit those who have a more substantial rear.

With a minimalist tubular design, it’s quite a reserved chair. Plus, this construction also makes it lighter than the #1 product on this list, meaning it may appeal to people with strength issues.

  • Footprint 19.9 inches by 24 inches.
  • Weight 13.3 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Includes a backrest.
  • Removable exercise ball.
  • Has wheeled feet.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Adjustable legs and a large ball.
  • Minimalist design.
  • The backrest is narrow—it may not suit those looking for considerable spine support.
  • Some people may find the design a little “industrial”.
  • Large footprint.

3. Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

It’s my belief that this is the best balance chair for office use.

This product includes standard size wheels (2.5-inch) as opposed to many balance chairs that utilize the unconventional two-inch type. This means the rolling action will be more familiar to wheeled-seat users, plus they’re more widely available should they need replacing in the future.

Available in the office-staple colors of black and silver and with a reserved rounded-tube design—I feel this will not stand out or shout “maverick” in a sensible working environment.

I’m also of the opinion that this is a good choice for guys and girls who need back support. The spinal rest is wide and cushioned and can be raised or lowered through four positions, depending on requirement.

  • Footprint 22 inches by 23.5 inches.
  • Weight 14.5 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Includes pump.
  • Substantial padded movable backrest.
  • Reserved design.
  • Removable ball.
  • Standard caster size.
  • A removable ball for office use may be considered overkill.

4. Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair

If you’re looking for the best balance ball chair for home use—I would suggest that this could prove a good option.

Available in seven attractive colors (together with a black vinyl finish as opposed to the woven fabric) this is a chair that could make a design statement. Furthermore, as it lacks caster-wheels, this doesn’t shout “office chair.”

Additionally, I feel it may suit people who want a seat that looks like a seat—not an exercise ball with legs. This is due to the fact the air-filled ball is located beneath the cover—hidden from sight.

  • Footprint 17.5 inches by 17.5 inches.
  • Weight 15 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 250 pounds.
  • Possibly the best balance chair for home use.
  • Aesthetic design.
  • Includes pump.
  • With a 250-pound capacity, it may not be adequate for some people.
  • The exercise ball isn’t removable.
  • No backrest.

5. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Stool

For those people who either have a bar area within their home or find themselves using the currently on-trend high/standing desks in their working environment—I think this could prove the best balance ball chair for their needs.

I’ve come to this conclusion because the chair can be raised from a normal desk seating height of 23 inches, up to a mighty 33 inches, through the utilization of a hydraulic lift.

With a hemisphere design instead of a full-ball—it looks more like a high stool than a piece of gym equipment.

Additionally, this chair has the comfort feature of a footrest and a 360-degree swivel function.

  • Footprint 21.8 inches by 23.5 inches.
  • Weight 19.2 pounds.
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds.
  • Good for high-seating requirements.
  • Classic look.
  • Includes a footrest.
  • 360-degree swivel.
  • Doesn’t use a full exercise ball—may not suit those who want to use it for additional exercise.
  • No backrest.
  • The hydraulic system makes the chair heavy.

A Buying guide to Balance Ball Chairs

Most of us are familiar with the exercise ball (sometimes known as a stability ball) as a tool for fitness in the home or gym.

These inflatable accessories have now been incorporated into chairs, with the upper third of the ball replacing the typical “seating” area or cushion. These are usually referred to as balance ball, stability, or active chairs.

They can either include a complete, removable, exercise ball or simply utilize one hemisphere—providing a rounded location for the buttocks to be placed.

As chairs are used in a wide variety of locations—many types have been designed suitable for home, work, and play.

How Does a Balance Ball Chair Work?

The seat area of a chair is usually either flat, or ergonomically designed to fit the shape of our buttocks—providing a stable surface to sit on.

Here’s where the best balance ball chair is different.

It’s inherently unstable. The rounded aspect of an exercise ball chair means that the upper body is not firmly planted to the seat.

Although they’re full of air, and therefore will fit around your butt cheeks—any small movement will push air from one side of the seat to another, or from front to back or vice versa—creating an imbalance.

This means that the body is constantly fighting to remain upright and prevent you from falling off the chair—which gives rise to the phrase “active sitting”.

Some benefits for a Balance Ball Chair

It’s this active sitting that provides the benefits—your body is constantly in a state of movement—although to a micro-degree.

Way back in 1907, a study indicated that balance during sitting is an unconscious process—you don’t know you’re doing it. Hence, using a balance ball chair allows you to complete other tasks (such as reading, using a laptop, or watching a movie) while still keeping your body moving, with little to no concentration.

This means that your body is getting a “workout” during times when normally it would be sedentary.

This leads to the following benefits:

  • Strengthens the core—a 2015 study indicated that stability ball chairs work the core muscles (mainly the abdominals and the spinal erectors).
  • Improves posture—working the back muscles to maintain balance not only enhances posture by boosting spinal strength, but also balance ball chairs have shown to relieve back pain.
  • Can lead to weight loss—as you’re constantly moving, you’re using energy; research has illustrated balance ball chairs increase calorie expenditure and could assist in shedding pounds.
  • Provides effective time management—whether at work or at home, you’re using time wisely by improving health while pursuing other interests.

Prevents coccyx pain—hard seating can cause pain in the coccyx; the cushioned aspect of a balance chair can prevent this.

What to Look for in A Balance Ball Chair

I believe there are certain considerations you should take into account when selecting the best balance ball chair for your needs. Here are what I feel are the most important.

Size and Capacity

It’s important to check the footprint of the chair—especially if it’s to be used in areas such as the office, where space may be limited.

Additionally, be sure to check the weight capacity—some are more suited to larger persons.


Spend a little time pondering where the balance ball chair will be used. For example, if it’s being used in an office, you may find that those seats with casters and finished in muted colors are more suitable.

For use in the home, it could be worthwhile selecting one that fits the theme or decor of the room in which it will be located.

Removable Ball

Some chairs come with a full-size exercise ball that can be removed. This may appeal if used in the home, as it can then serve as additional fitness training—incorporating it into exercises, such as push-ups, planks, jackknifes, and Russian twists.


Some chairs include a backrest, others have none, and there are those that give you the choice, with a removable back support.

Your decision is down to personal preference—but balance ball chair newbies may find one with a backrest more comfortable as it makes it more akin to a “traditional” chair and means less balance is required.


If you were to ask me about my personal choice of the best balance ball chair, I would suggest it’s the Gaiam Classic.

In my opinion, this chair is suitable for both home and office locations. A sensible size, optional casters, and either muted or jazzy designs, make it extremely versatile.

Furthermore, it can withstand up to 300 pounds of seating weight, the ball can be removed for exercise use, and the backrest is sturdy and substantial.

While there are some other great chairs here, such as the high-standing Gaiam stool, or the home-friendly Safco—it’s my belief the best balance ball chair is the Gaiam Classic.